Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Military Sevice Enough to be Qualified as our President?

Saint Michael Traveler

Is that enough to be qualified as our President?

We all serve, or have served this nation as professional military men and women, teachers, firemen, policemen, postal servicemen, engineers, doctors, scientists and many others. In my opinion, the candidate’s vision for the nation, educational trainings, and experiences are more important than being a prisoner of war as a qualification for the office.

I agree with General Wesley Clark’s remark: "riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is not a qualification to be president." I am surprised with over reaction of McCain. Senator McCain should know better to question General Clark’s comment; unless all he has to offer is his military service record. Is that enough to be qualified as our President?

I personally prefer a non-professional military candidate for the office of the president, unless he would be a man advocating peace having learned that killing people is much too uncivilized in this modern world.

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