Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are our Congressional Representatives Leading us to War with Iran?

Saint Michael Traveler

Based on Yes Magazine, a recent story on CBS News, the answer seems to be a full-court press by the government of Israel and the American-Israeli lobby AIPAC. CBS ran the story Tuesday as Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen was on his way to the Middle East to confer with Israeli government officials. "Israelis are uncertain about what would be the policies of the next [U.S.] administration vis-à-vis Iran," CBS consultant Michael Oren says in the report.

“As has become the norm lately, the most sane policies are coming not out of Washington, DC, but out of state and local government. In her article in YES! With Ben Manski, Karen Dolan, of Cities for Peace, shows local governments setting a different direction on issues ranging from climate change to foreign policy; in her recent op-ed, she tells of the 32 U.S. mayors who have passed resolutions opposing war on Iran.”

“There are alternatives to attacking Iran and killing Iranian people. In his article in the foreign policy issue of YES! Magazine, Robert Naiman, of shows that we avert the killing and maiming of Iranian civilians, by talking with Iran instead of bombing their country. Doing that could avert taking Middle East mayhem to a new level. Even better, we could actually work with Iran in an international effort to bring stability back to the region.”

Foreign Policy of President Bush and Iran indicated that Iran had submitted a package to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in mid-May 2008 as well as to world powers, including Russia and the United States. The proposal suggests "the creation of uranium enrichment consortiums in various countries, including Iran." It also requires that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) step up its supervision of nuclear sites around the world and asserts that more should be done to ensure nuclear programs would not diverted materials for fabrication of nuclear bomb.

The article "Preparing the Battlefield,
The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran",
Seymour M. Hersh, July 7, 2008, Annals of National Security, The New Yorker magazine, reveals some of the actions committed by our Administration in our name.

Some congressional representatives have singed to vote for Bill Number: H.CON.RES.362. The bill authorizes Navy to blockade Iran in Persian Gulf; you know this is declaration of war.

Members of AIPAC (Israel Lobby in the United States) are gunning for another war, this time with Iran. The same band of people instigated USA attack on Iraq.

Iran is 7500 miles away from the United States. It is recovering from years of subjugation by USA and Europeans. We tend to associate Iran with their recent president as the people of the world associate USA with President Bush. Neither one is a truce representative of the two societies.

We are good people, like most Iranians, who have many problems of our own, feeding our children, educating them, hoping they would find a job, medical insurance, and could support their own families. Most of those who have retired are struggling to survive after years of serving our country. The president and his administration have taken USA with a surplus to fully indebted to foreign nations.

Republicans and Democrats are often deluded during election and not smart. How could we be smart if we elect the same type of people over and over again? We are fooled by their appeasing words, the words we like to hear. For example, we don't like to kill and make wars on other nations. We are good people. We have problem housing, feeding, and educating our children. We tell our problems to our congressional representatives. But what do they do; authorize more war borrowing money from other nations expecting our children and grand children to pay for it. Is that smart?

Our administration and congressional representaives should look at home, and at our problems; please do something about them. Let Iran be.

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