Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cordoba Islamic Center of Manhattan

What are the objectives for Cordoba Center and the way to achieve the objectives?

The premise for the center is to bring a better understanding and inter-faith dialogue with American people. However, this good intension has been replaced with a very negative response of the same people that the center would intend to reach.

The organizers of this center should think the process through and the consequences for pursuing to build the facility. In place of spending so much money at one site, why not build several facilities in several cities in US with the same amount of money; build them near universities in cities such as New York, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento, Albuquerque, and Dallas.

The unfortunate reaction to the center has poisoned the atmosphere for a better understanding between a minority of reactive Christian and Muslim Americans. To educate and bring peace and harmony among our American people has a long way to travel. Many among those who have negatively reacted to the center and still think Muslims do not believe in God, they don't believe that Christ is the son of God, born from Virgin Mary, but Muslims do. Some of those reacting negatively believe that the Catholics are not Christian, but Catholics are the original Christians.

It is irrelevant that the Muslims have the constitutional right to build the center; however, the negative reaction and the consequences dictates that building of the center at the designated place in Manhattan is unproductive and unwise at this time.