Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Experience and Vision for President-Elect

Why are we making so much fuss about the foreign experience of the candidates for the president? President elect list of priority tasks for his or her administration is greatly influenced by his vision of the future for America and the world. The president-elect, if he or she is a good administrator, will always choose competent members for his cabinets and advisors. The president-elect will not encircle himself with a group of "yes Sir" men or women.

The most important characteristic of a good president-elect would be a good listener, analyzer, and user of deliberate process for action making. As such, he can utilize centuries of experience and knowledge in diverse field to advance his mission for the nation. A democratic process, unlike a dictatorial system, is slow and would require the consensus of those who had elected the president. A good president would work with the representatives of the people and with deliberate attempt to listen to both sides of the isles.

The worst type of a president is an ideologue responding to only very limited sector of the American people.

Persian Art
Omar Khayyam's Rubiat

Would but the Desert of the Fountain yield
One glimpse -- If dimly, yet indeed, reveal'd
To which the fainting Traveler might spring,
As springs the trampled herbage of the field!

Who would make a better president, Senator McCain or Senator Obama? Each represents a philosophy inherent in the two party system, Republican or Democratic, a Hamiltonian President McCain or a Jeffersonian President Obama.

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