Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Iranian Progressives and USA

Our past political mistakes and financial burdens we have placed on the Iranian people will not advance our long term American interests. To assist the Progressive movement in Iran, allow a greater exchange between the two societies, remove the burdens placed on the Iranian people by economic sanctions and restrictions. It is foolish to punish the people for our disagreements with their government. By removing the burden, we allow change in demographics of Iran toward a larger middle class; thus, it will shift the internal Iranian policy from Traditionalists toward the Progressives. We must support the Iranian Progressives. The Progressives are young, better educated and often the middle class segment of the Iranian population. Iranian Traditionalist (religious, very nationalistic, often poor, and under educated) voted for re-election of Ahmadinejad.

We will not advance our American interests, or the Progressive Iranian movement, by listening to those who advocate a more aggressive policy toward Iran. Only Iranian people will decide the new course of action for their country. The evolution of the Iranian society toward a secular state will require time and external security. The over aggressive posturing by Israel and supported by the Congress will only strengthen the hands of the traditionalist segment of the Iranian society. The best course of action for President Obama, I suggest, is to allow Iranian people to settle their own internal political conflicts.