Sunday, December 16, 2007

To Thomas Friedman: without poppy seed, it is not possible to grow poppies

Mr. Friedman wrote on December 16, 2007, that United States lost its leverage in dealing with Iran. I am respectfully asking the following questions:

What leverage are we, the United States, looking for?
What Iran has done to be dealt with?
What do we want from Iran, 7500 miles away from our home?

Picture consequences of War : death, death and death.

Are we confused about the Israeli interests and our own American interests? Has Israel burden created loss of national prestige for Americans among people of other countries? How can we supply Israel with foreign aids, while our own educational and medical services are at poor conditions? Why are you, Mr. Friedman so concern about Iran’s infant civilian nuclear fuel cycle while you do not care about the Israeli’s factual possession of nuclear bombs? What are the real facts that Iran was developing nuclear bomb prior to 2003? To make a nuclear bomb, you would need highly enriched (90% or higher) uranium (U-235 to U-238). Iran did not have and still does not have such a nuclear source material. To make a plutonium bomb, you would need a reactor like Israeli French designed reactor, since plutonium naturally does not exist. We, the United States, used both types of bombs, uranium and plutonium bombs, on Japanese civilians at the closing of the World War II.

Mr. Friedman, without poppy seeds, it is not possible to grow poppies. Without enriched uranium, or plutonium, you cannot make a nuclear bomb. Iran does not have either one of the nuclear source materials. Iran can not make nuclear bombs. Your story about growing “poppies for heroin in his backyard in violation of the law” is surprising twist of facts. Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle is in full compliance and control of IAEA for peaceful development of nuclear energy.

Your choice of poppies statement reminded me of the following story. An old gold merchant was chasing a thief in the busy street in Ankara, or maybe some place in Kuwait, or Bahrain. The merchant was shouting loudly help me to get the thief, chasing the man in full pursuit. The thief had shoplifted an expensive ring from his store. The thief was running and shouting too “help me get the thief” while being chased by the merchant. The public in the street were confused and could not help the merchant. In this story, Israel shoplifted nuclear bombs. She possesses, based on our own US government report, about 200 nuclear bombs. The knowledge and materials for these nuclear bombs came from the United States, and other countries. Why Israel is accusing Iran for developing nuclear bomb? Maybe to divert our attention from her unlawful nuclear bombs and her inhumane behaviors in the Middle Eastern neighborhood! Please read Time magazine, December 24, 2007 "Going Flat in Gaza" by Tim McGirk. Do Israeli people agree with the action of their government? Please speak up!

Before you make other accusation about Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle activities, insist that Israel places her nuclear activities under the United Nations (IAEA) control.

Please join us to demand that Israel dismantles her nuclear bombs.

We must push for an International nuclear disarmament.

Happy New Year