Sunday, April 13, 2008

England, Russia and the United States: Persian Cat

Iranian dilemma has not changed over the last 150 years; still Iran is one step away from being dismembered, colonized and humiliated. Time magazine in an article named Persian Paradox (Monday September 08, 1941) reported:

“As for the poor Persians, their attitude was aptly summed up in a Punch cartoon of the period. It showed a Persian cat apprehensively sitting between a lion and a bear. "I will pat its head," says the bear, "and you shall stroke its tail." Pleads the cat: "But I have not been consulted!"

Sassy the Persian Cat

Today, the same game is being played with Iranian people; the players are the same actors, the same motivations. It is not about nuclear fuel cycle; Iran already has provided a procedure for monitoring of their nuclear fuel activities.

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