Friday, April 18, 2008

Charles Krauthammer: Entering a new arms era

The nuclear bomb age was restricted to US, Russia, France and England during the earlier period after the World War II. The era of non-proliferation was over once Israel, Pakistan and India, and China developed nuclear bombs. In Recent years, North Korea developed and tested nuclear device. In all these cases, the bomb was developed due to fear of attack from their adversaries.

Charles Krauthammer, an advocate for Israel, suggested four ways to stop other countries developing nuclear bomb: pre-emption, deterrence, missile defense and regime change. Krauthammer is not an anti-nuclear advocate; he has not rejected Israeli’s nuclear bomb, but lobbies fervently against Iran nuclear fuel cycle.

Iranian nuclear fuel cycle activities are limited to processes for nuclear reactor fuel; the opertions are monitored by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). IAEA is a section of the Unites Nations. IAEA has not identified any diversion of fuel cycle activities in Iran.

justifiably Iran would not intend to abrogate her rights for development of nuclear fuel cycle. Iran had suggested an international joint operation of her nuclear fuel cycle to allay the fear of Israel and the United States. Iran is open to other nations joining her nuclear fuel cycle program. By participation of other nations and unannounced IAEA inspection, Iran would not be able to divert nuclear materials. It is imperative we accept the invitation; it is face saving for Iran and those who would demand a non-military application for her nuclear fuel program.

Charles Krauthammer had previously advocated pre-emption killing a large Iranian population in order to destroy Iranian fuel cycle operation. He rejects that Iran can be deterred from their legal rights to use their operation for generating electricity.

Krauthammer concept of deterrence is identical to those used during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States, each equally capable to destroy the other by their awesome nuclear arsenals. Krauthammer, however, forgets that Iran does not have any nuclear bomb in contrast to Israel’s over 200 nuclear bombs as reported by the Unites States government.

Krauthammer advocates: “Begin by making the retaliatory threat in response to Iranian nuclear aggression so unmistakable and so overwhelming that the non-millenarians in leadership would stay the hand or even remove those taking their country to the point of extinction.” Excuse me, Charles! Iran does not have nuclear bomb, Iran has accepted addition protocol for IAEA monitoring of their operation. Iran is a member of Non-Proliferation Treaty of the United Nations (NPT). But Israel has nuclear bombs; she is not a member of NPT. Now, allow Israel, she will find some another pretext and would attack Iran to extinction. Charles, please don't smile! Killing people is not a cause for smiling!

Mr. Krauthammer last suggestion is “Total safety comes only from regime change.”
We did it in Iran (1953) and at present in Iraq, among other places. If Israel does not like some other nations, just let us go and change their government.

We must not forget our own national interests, US comes first. We must stop following Israel.

Mike Wallace interviewed Shah of Iran about Israel and the Unites States. What Shah said then is even truer today.

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