Saturday, April 12, 2008

Iran and Israeli International Lobby

Switzerland and Iran signed a contract for the supply of Iranian natural gas to Europe. This contract sparked harsh criticism from the United States and Israel. The New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has condemned a Swiss-Iranian natural gas export contract.
Former Swiss ambassador Fran├žois Nordmann indicated that the ADL response was a "cry of indignation, an individual reaction" to the deal. "It is …attempt to influence public opinion and discredit Switzerland and its foreign ministry".
Iran under Shah and the United States had a very cordial and cooperative relationship over a 30 year period. Even during this period Israeli’s interests, dictated through the Israeli Lobby in the United States, controlled the American foreign policy. The following was reported by Parsin (

Shah of Iran on Persian Gulf, and American Jewish Lobby

"This is very interesting, because Shah was a very close friend to both of them, the US government and the Zionist regime (Israel)! These words are not made by Ahmadinejad!! These are what Jimmy Carter and free thinkers of the world are saying too! US Jewish Lobby is responsible for the whole crimes and brutalities of the Israeli Regime. They are the ones who use US for their dirty objectives!"

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