Friday, July 23, 2010

US Congress: Authorization for Israel to attack Iran

Please allow all civilized member of our society to know about this Un-American Act.
US Congress is to give the green light for Israel to attack Iran.

Nearly one third of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives has introduced a resolution giving Israel a green light to attack Iran. H.Res.1553 declares unwavering support for Israel to “use all means necessary,” to “eliminate nuclear threats” posed by Iran.

The game plan of these Members of Congress was spelled out by John Bolton in the Wall Street Journal just two weeks ago: “Having visible congressional support in place at the outset [of an attack] will reassure the Israeli government, which is legitimately concerned about Mr. Obama's likely negative reaction to such an attack.”

This is the first step necessary to enable war with Iran.

The Obama Administration quietly resisted Congressional efforts to pass unilateral economic sanctions for over a year, before ultimately giving in to Congressional pressure. Now that “crippling” sanctions have been put in place, the far-right wing and Iran-hawks have begun openly advocating for what has always been their ultimate objective: war with Iran.

As we begin to debate war in earnest, we cannot let history repeat itself.

Numerous credible studies have concluded that such strikes would suck the US into the conflict that would engulf the region in war and put so much at risk.


Source: NIAC, July 2010

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