Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have a Cup of Coffee, the Tea Party has joined the Israel Zionists

The Tea Party has endorsed Israel pre-emptive attack on Iran. Before we start, let us have a cup of coffee, we need to be fully awake and think this through...Israel threatened by Iranian nuclear fuel cycle.

It is true that Iran is a nuclear state, but not a nuclear bomb state . Israel is nuclear bomb State. Then why would Israel feel threatened by Iran? Israel has 200 nuclear bombs. Iran has zero.
However, many nations including Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Iran are among the many nuclear states...NOT a Nuclear Bomb State. All these nuclear states have active nuclear fuel cycle, i.e. they are able to produce fuel for nuclear power reactor for generation of electricity.
The following states are nuclear bomb states: USA, Russia, England, France, China, Pakistan and India. The North Korea tested a very crude bomb a year ago, but she is incapable to deliver it as nuclear bomb either by plane or rocket.

Facts: Israel has 3 nuclear submarines, donated by Germany, capable to carry nuclear bombs. USA has provided Israel planes capable to carry nuclear bombs. Israel has nuclear bombs and the most sophisticated armaments in the world, thanks to the generosity of US and Germany.
What is wrong with the Tea Party to endorse Israel? Black is white & good is bad. Israel an aggressive state who has attacked her neighbors and occupied their territories is good!
Why does Israel feel threatened by Iran? US Secretary of State Clinton boldly had announced that USA will nuclear bomb Iran into oblivion if she attacks Israel? USA already has been treating Israel as an honorary member of the Common Wealth of the United States.
A common explanation often offered has been psychological syndrome. A cure for this behavior cannot be another war instigated on behalf of Israel; Israel had attacked more than once the states of Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. We have fought war on Israel behalf in Iraq, and now Israel instigating another war, this time with Iran.
I am confused even after a cup of coffee. How about you?

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