Monday, May 24, 2010

Persian Paradox: USA, Russia, England and Nuclear Fuel

To lubricate diplomatic friction, in 1907 an agreement was solemnly signed which defined each country's sphere of influence in Persia. Britain was to influence in the southeast; Russia in the north. As for the poor Persians, their attitude was aptly summed up in a Punch cartoon of the period. It showed a Persian cat apprehensively sitting between a lion and a bear. "I will pat its head," says the bear, "and you shall stroke its tail." Pleads the cat: "But I have not been consulted!"

The world has not changed, now in addition to the bear and the lion, the Bald Eagle is perched on the tree and checking for the most delicious part of the Persian cat prior to the grand slaughter. The appetite for domination and exploitation has not changed since 1907; just new players have been added to the table.

Our Bald Eagle responses often have been forged by special elements of our USA society bent to bring Iran on its knees begging for mercy. The proponents have had the same trenched position for many decades. It does not make any difference who governs Iran and state of democracy in the country; the objectives have been to keep Iran subservient to USA and a satellite nation. Iranian nuclear fuel cycle is not in violation of the International Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, but I think the insubordination of the Iranian governments that has irked the US administrations.

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