Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jerusalem: Israel and Palestines

Saint Michael Traveler

The issue of Jerusalem is complex and can not be decided by Israel or the United States. This city is religious holy city belonging to Jews, Muslims and Christians. This city should not be controlled by a theocratic Jewish state; in that case, it should be an open international city.

What are the options for the Arabs-Jewish region?

The two-state models for Palestine and Israel

Federal State of Israel-Palestine

The two-state models for Palestinian and Israeli is not working. Many experts on the Middle Eastern politics and people indicate that a two state solution in not viable model. We have struggled with it for nearly 60 years. The advocates for one-state solution stress that under a two-state solution, Jerusalem can not be the capital of Israel.

Practically the region is one State. Israel controls the entire region in air and on the ground. Non-Jewish residents are tolerated as less than second class inhabitants. Both Jewish and Palestinians have paid a high price for a failed two-state system; we have to consider the human side of the Israeli-Jewish struggle for a lasting peace. Should we Americans, or the people of the world allow how Israel treats non-Jewish people and other nations... killing them, destroying their homes, taking over their land, and placing them in slavery, like how Palestinians have been treated last 60 years?

The chance for creating a two state solution is dead. I suggest that only as one nation, Federal State of Israel-Palestine, the peace may endure. We, Americans, have failed to see the both side of the struggle for a lasting peace. As Semitic people, they have common historical and religious heritage.

Those who advocate one-state solution as a Federal State would also suggest Jerusalem as the capital of the Federation.

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