Friday, November 6, 2009

Israel and Iran: Nuclear Disarmament and Foreign Policy

Saint Michael Traveler

The national security is the driving force for Iran. If security is good for Israel, then, it is also good for Turks, Persians and Arabs.

Israel is the only nuclear bomb state in the Middle East. A nuclear bomb free Middle East will remove pressure from all the other nations, including Iran to develop nuclear bomb in the future for deterrence against Israeli's nuclear bombs.

Soviet Union had to develop the nuclear bomb because USA had already developed nuclear bomb and we (President Truman) were making sure the Russians knew it. India, China and Pakistan developed the nuclear bomb because the other nations, i.e. India and China, Pakistan and India, used the bomb as deterrence against the other. Israel developed the bomb because of her fear of the Arabs; Iran was a friend and collaborator of Israel at the time. Now, Israel demands that she must be the only nation in the region to have the nuclear bomb.

President Truman said:
"Starting an atomic war is totally unthinkable for rational men."
[Truman, public Papers]

Let us create a win-win situation for all of the nations in the Middle East. The nuclear disarmament must start somewhere, where to start? I suggest the following three steps to correct our failed foreign policy with respect to the Middle East:

1. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Iranian Consortium:
USA should join the Iranian nuclear fuel consortium. The other nation may include Japan, Germany, France, Russia and England to actively monitor the Iranian fuel cycle activity. IAEA has consistently asserted that the agency could not find any indications that Iran is diverting the fuel cycle for nuclear bomb development. Iran has asserted that their activities are limited to development of fuel for nuclear reactor.

2. Nuclear Shield:
An international nuclear shield for all nations in the Middle East, including Iran, Israel, Turkey and all the Arab nations in the region.

3. A nuclear- bomb-free Middle East:
This action will remove any pressure from Iran to develop nuclear bomb in the future for deterrence against nuclear bomb Israeli state.

We and our representatives in the Congress must stop the hideous play of hypocrisy and face the facts in the Middle East, Israel has nuclear bombs. For almost 50 years we have been playing this game of patsy to Israel and her demands. We must place our national interest above those of Israel and recognize that we must be fair in dealing with all the nations in the region.

The United States must be the international leader for Nuclear Disarmament; Mr. President Obama I suggest we should start with Israel.

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