Saturday, May 24, 2008

American Foreign Policy and the World: A New Direction

1. Our recent foreign policy has adversely affected our international respect and leadership by our unilateralism and over use of our military power. We have replaced dialogue and diplomacy with invasion and subversions.

2. We have diminished the effectiveness of the United Nations and World Court.

3. We have over-vetoed against the United Nations resolutions where we should have supported the actions. These vetoes have castigated the United States as obstructionist in resolving many of the world problems.

Agenda for the New National Policy:

• US Foreign Policy must be a Reflection of Our National Character: Justice, Peace, Respect for Human Life, and Fair Treatment of all Other Nations.

• The future of our civilization is at risk of global annihilation by nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals of nations. For the civilization to survive, we must eliminate the nuclear arsenals.

• We must rely on the International Court and the United Nations to resolve the regional conflicts.

• The global environment must be protected and the adverse effect of human activities reversed or repaired.

• The global natural resources are diminishing rapidly by the world over population, over harvesting and destruction. These resources include fresh water and agricultural resources for production of food. World has to create equitable management of these resources. The United States must take the leadership position in these areas.


  1. This is the direction so many of us want to see our leaders head. Nicely stated....good post!

  2. I will comment on your blog in a future

  3. With all due respect, I see that you want the US to take different postures regarding certain issues, but I don't see a workable policy position. If you were to offer one I would be more than happy to comment.