Monday, May 19, 2008

Federal States of Israel and Palestine as One Nation

We have had 60 years of experimenting about the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. The region would need help before we will be dragged into a World War III.

We have been forced into one box by the Israeli Lobby; we need to look outside of this box. We can’t fight wars after wars to support a non-working model of a two state solution. We can’t afford war after war to support a failed two state model.

Options for Israeli-Palestinian struggle?

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were resettled in 722 B.C. in Iran. Assyria, the nation that is now Iraq, took the 10 tribes captive and relocated them in Iran (historic Persia). Iranian Jews are descendent of these exiled tribes. Their exile is a historical fact. Often, the people defeated were scattered and exiled. Judah and Benjamin, two tribes later known as the Jews, claim Israel as their as their ancient homeland.

Jews and the Palestinians, whatever they were called then, were both in Middle East at the same time. Both Arabs and Jews have historical claims to the land.

No one can reject the fact that creation of Israel on the Palestinian land has created tremendous political and economical problems for the United States and the world. World (the United Nation) may have to look outside of the box to diffuse the problems.

One solution would be for Israel joining us as a member of the Unites States’ Common Wealth. The United States are already supporting Israel economically, politically and by sharing intelligence and military hardware. In addition, some Israeli Americans with both Israeli and American citizenships serve in the Israeli Armed Forces. Our great American Armed Forces will protect the common wealth as they would the homeland.

Would it be politically more advantages for the United States to manage the Jewish state as a member of our Common Wealth?

The Israeli Common Wealth will be free to exercise the religious freedom that our great nation would offer without being isolated among the hostile Arabs.

The Common Wealth would have to include the Arabs who were forced to leave the land when Zionist invaded the land. It should also include all of the land called by Palestinian as their homeland and by Israeli as their state. I don't suggest this proposal would work or be acceptable by Israel. In my opinion, this may be more destructive for the USA and would not help the Middle Eastern conflict in the future.

Then, what next?

Would really two nation model for Palestinian and Israeli work in the future? Many experts on the Middle Eastern politics and people would suggest that a two state solution in not viable model. We have struggled with it for nearly 60 years.

Should we be looking at the region as a Federal States with one government elected by all of the people? This model may have a much better chance of survival as a solution for both Israeli and Arabs.

Both Jewish and Palestinians have paid a high price for a failed system to consider the human side of the Israeli-Jewish struggle for a lasting peace.

I suggest that only as one nation, Federal State of Israel-Palestine, the peace may endure. We, Americans, have failed to see the both side of the struggle for a lasting peace. The two cousins may have to kiss and forgive for all the hurt they have caused and endured. As Semitic people, they have common historical and religious heritage.


  1. 1. * The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were resettled in 722 B.C. in now days north Syria+north Iraq and then some moved towards Europe , Iran and southern Russia.
    * The Jews of today are mainly descendents of Judea, Simeon, Benjamin tribes but also some portion of other Israelite tribes that stilled stayed at the land of Israel after 722 B.C. We know also that Judaism was a source of belief that attracted many in the ancient world, and some portion of Edomites and Philistines also converted to Judaism around that period of time.
    * There weren’t any Palestinian nation at that time, nor Palestine. It’s a Roman name for Israel and has nothing to do with Arabs or Muslims. So I can’t see how are you saying that “Both Arabs and Jews have historical claims to the Palestine land” meets with the historical facts. Arabs as a group first settled in Palestine by the Islamic occupation of Palestine.
    * Israel wasn’t created on Arab land but on Palestine land, the Roman name for Israel land. There wasn’t any Palestinian people in history but the Jews. Arabs turned to be called first “Palestinian Arabs” next to the “Palestinian Jews” under the British colonialism regime. When the “Palestinian Jews” called them selves Israelis in 1948 the name “Palestinians” was free to use by others. It took the Arabs in Palestine/Israel some more decades to call them selves “Palestinians” rather then “Arab Palestinians”.
    * Arabs were forced to leave the land when they broke a comprehensive war against Israel and not when “Zionist s invaded the land”. Zionists “invaded” aka immigrated to the land by law and moral way.
    There is no any “tremendous political and economical problems” for the United States and the world because of the Israeli - Arab conflict in Israel land. The world has it own problems and we should let Israel to solve that issue. The best solution as I see is cut Palestine into two states and not three. Jordanian Palestine in the eastern side of the land and Israel in the western side. The border in between should be the Jordan River. Arabs on both states will vote for their Parliament in Amman and Jews will vote for their Knesset in Jerusalem.
    * The US never has been forced into one box by the Israeli Lobby; Nor forced to fight any war for Israel. Israel can take care of her own security. Some times the US even ties Israel hands and halt her from reacting as needed.

  2. The "ten lost tribes" are exactly what they're called: " Israel and the Jewish people. This proposal for "one nation" is just a synonym for the total destruction of Jewish peoplehood. It give the Islamofascists, diplomatically, what they've been unable to achieve by force: the destruction of a 4,000-year old culture that values human life and the rule of law ABOVE the thuggish despotic regimes in the Islamic world....NO THANKS...

    SEE Jewish Issues Watchdog