Friday, November 23, 2007

America Come Back Home: Charity starts at home, not in the Middle East

Who attacked our country on September 11, 2001? Who attacked and killed our sailors on USS Liberty? They were not Iranians! Then, why are we hurting the Iranian people?

The person on this picture is a member of the United States Administration. She said: I hate all Iranians. Is this our administration policy?

Iran does not have a nuclear bomb. Even if Iran wanted to develop a nuclear bomb, it will be more than 10 years. The US administration admitted that Iran is not developing nuclear bomb. But, our government would not want Iranians to learn about making fuel for nuclear reactors in production of electricity. We are concern that some day, 10 to 15 years from now, Iran may advance their knowledge of physics and make nuclear bomb.

Iranian government has made fuel cells for an earlier design of safe Canadian type Candu nuclear reactor for medical production of isotopes. Our government reacted that we would not allow Iran to develop nuclear bomb! Confused? Candu is not a nuclear bomb. Please check it!

We teach physics and chemistry in our high schools in the United States and all over the world. The knowlege provides the basic tools for making arsonist bomb. May be one of these students will some day make a bomb! So let us stop teaching physics and chemistry in all of our schools. Do you think this concern is more than strange?

Israel has over 200 advance nuclear bombs based on our government report. Why did we help Israel to develop these bombs? Why the International community is not demanding that Israel eliminates her nuclear bombs? Why are we not pushing for international elemination of all nuclear bombs?

We spend our precious tax money to bribe as "foreign aids" most of the nations in the Near East. We also provide them advance arms. Please spare me with the justification for our actions! Some of the same arms have been used to kill our people.

Should we spend our money and expertise in our hemisphere rather than 7500 miles from home? Our national interests must be our first imperative. If you would travel in out of places, for example, in Southern Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc. you see population in dire needs, poverty similar to poverty in third world nations. If you would travel to most regions in Mexico, our neighbor to the south, you see abject poverty. Should we spend our national resources in our own region, rather than as bribe money to some ungrateful nations? Charity starts at home.

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