Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fourth Iran Sanction: Perspectives and Objectives

The objective of USA has been to stop Iran ability to enrich uranium; it is irrelevant that the enrichment is for peaceful use of the nuclear fuels. It is irrelevant that under NPT, Iran has the right to enrich uranium. Our position has been that once Iran is capable to enrich to 5% for nuclear reactor and 20% for production of medical isotopes, then Iran will be another step closer to enriching to 90% required for fabricating a crude nuclear bomb. We do not have any evidence to support that Iran is producing nuclear bomb.

Another concern of ours has been that nuclear fuel is a precious commodity. We would like to keep the production of nuclear fuel entitled to very few nations (nuclear fuel club). We allow other nations, those not the member of the club, to receive and use the fuel. We want the control. Unless they behave to our liking, they shall not have access to it. The facts are that oil is a diminishing quantity. Nuclear fuel will replace oil and coal for production of electric energy. The other sources of electric production (solar and wind) will contribute but will not be able to replace those produced by oil. Coal has had severe effect on our environment; by consensus, its use will be reduced in the future.

Israel has, or intends to position nuclear submarines armed with nulcear bombs in waters near Persian Gulf. Germany produced the nuclear capable submarines for Israel.

What do Iranians think? Do they feel their backs are against the walls created by USA, Germany, France and now Russia and China? They remember the concerted Russia-England efforts to divide and colonize their country. They remember Russian invasion of their nation. Who could they trust? No one!

We know that Iran does not have and is not developing nuclear bomb. But that is irrelevant!

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