Monday, July 6, 2009

Israeli attack and the consequences: Vice President Biden

Saint Michael Traveler

Yes, Israel may attack Iran. But would USA join in and support Israel as we did for Sadam Hossein? What would be the consequence of this attack?

First of all it will unify the Iranian people in one voice against Israel and USA, count on it.
Second, the attack will not stop there; it will drag the entire region into an anti-American union against USA-England and Israel.

The attack will create a very powerful force of dedicated people with one purpose to remove Israel and USA from the region. The attack will be seen as a coordinated attack by USA using Israel as a surrogate.

The attack of Sadam Hossein on Iran consolidated Iranian and their government into a united force after1979 revolution. USA must think through the long term implication of a foolish attack on Iran before removing the leash from Israel. We have been in war in both Iraq and Afghanistan for about 7 years; count on a regional war for half-century. USA has been paying the price for our 1953 attack on the Iranian nation.

Are we ready for the cosequences of Israeli attack on Iran?

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