Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roxana Saberi: Guilty or Innocent

Saint Michael Traveler

Based on Iranian reported sources, Iranian-American journalist Ms. Roxana Saberi has implicated herself by her testimony.

Roxana Saberi, 31 had reported for the BBC and National Public Radio. She was sentenced in an Iranian court for spying for the US to eight years in prison.

Guilty or innocent, she is also a victim of the political conflicts between USA and Iran.

Our previous attempts to undermine the Iranian government by creating conflict in Iran have sharpened Iranian government scrutiny of all Iranian-Americans traveling to their homeland. It is a common knowledge that our past foreign policies about Iran have severely hurt Iranian-Americans both in USA and Iran, in addition to hurting common Iranian people.

Since 1979, among those who were profiled and scrutinized were Iranian-Americans. Many Iranian-Americans, including those who were born in the United States, lost their jobs, demoted, ostracized, discriminated and forced into isolation

Post September 11, USA sensing danger from those whose aim was to hurt our country created scrutiny and security apparatus against those perceived to be dangerous to us. Is it understandable that Iranian government senses the same security risks about Iranian-Americans considering USA and Israeli overt and covert attempts to destroy Iranian government?

We hope Iranian President Ahmadinejad will pardon Ms. Roxana Saberi now.
We hope President Obama will stop the dirty trick agenda of the past-Presidents since 1979, and will establish now a formal political relation with Iran.

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