Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The American Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Jewish Neoconservatives

Saint Michael Traveler

Do American people have any understanding about the negative influence of Jewish Neoconservatives on the US foreign policy? Their influence has been greatly responsible for the negative international image of the United States. The Neoconservatives have followed Israel and in some cases have initiated the negative perception about the Muslim world, specifically Iran.

This negative influence has resulted wasting about 30 years not using effective diplomatic interaction with Iran. Foreign Policy of President Bush and Iran , dictated by neoconservative advisers had been to sabotage the basic premise of diplomacy by under cutting the actions of European Union foreign policy Chief Javier Solana.

Undersecretary of State William Burns attended the Geneva meeting, the first direct meeting between USA and Iranian representatives. We had build up the expectations before the meeting that mere presence of Burns would stop Iranian producing nuclear fuel; we completely ignored the diplomatic rule of engagement and expected an instant result.

Before we could be effective in our interactions with Iran, we would need to have an understanding of their interests and positions, fears and expectations. To start we would need to know what Iran wants.

What would you do if you were the president of Iran?
What does Iran Want?
Before drawing a red line with Iran, we must be clear about our own motivations and the expected outcomes.

We have multiple options in our relationships with Iran. Among them would be the continuation of the present status, or a robust start of diplomatic interaction. Anatol Lieven and Trita Parsi recent article: Drawing a red line with Iran provides a realistic expectation for both USA and Iran. Let us stay cool and use diplomatic rules of engagement and talk with Iran.

Similar to the past 45 years, Israel would continue to be a negative influence in our relationship with Iran. This problem is not knew, even during Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Iran suffered in her interaction with US due to the negative influence of Israel and her lobbies.
Please read: "Blowing His Top" by Joe Klein, Time magazine, August 4, 2008, page 31. This article should be read by all those who support Neo-conservatism in America.

Joe Klein on Neoconservatives and Iran
"They pick Ahmadinejad specifically because he's the guy making the wildest antisemitic statements. I think that's being done for political purposes, to scare the shit out of my parents. It's a Broward County strategy, it's a Florida strategy. On Iran, I think that it's a love/hate relationship, since Iran and Israel are natural allies. You know, when I was in Iran, I'd talk to people. I was talking to one right-winger, and I said, "You know who your natural ally is?" and I was thinking the United States and he said, "Oh, yeah, Israel." I think that my reading on the nuclear issue is, given the level of threats that they've been getting from the United States, and from Israel, it's a logical thing for Iran to want nuclear weapons as a deterrent. I don't think they'd ever actually use it. First of all, they don't actually have it, but if they did have it, they'd contaminate at the very least the third most holy site in Islam, and they'd kill a hell of a lot of Muslims. So I think that they want it as a matter of deterrence and a matter of prestige. When you look at Iran's behavior, it has not been irrational."

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